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Cheerleader Rubbed Raw and Anal Touchdown

Izi Ashley |


Nic has always had the hots for cheelreaders and he's finally gotten his dream come true. Izy is the fresh new recruit of the cheeleading team and he's giving her quite the pre-game party, in the raw. He gets to eat that magnificent pussy of hers until the flesh is so tender that it hurts. He pretends to show good sportsmanship by letting her suck his hard pole and enjoy some ball play but soon after starts licking her again. But wait, the pain is only beginning for the beauty babe as he switches to an offencive play by tackling her and relentlessly reaming his victorious cock into her swollen defensive end and then continuing between her glorious butt cheeks showing that ass the true meaning of a tight end. He finally goes for the all out touchdown and defeats his helpless opponent with a stupendous anal creampie. The thrill of victory and the agony of defeat. Smells like team spirit indeed!