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Adriana Chechik Does Anal With Her Brother's Best Friend

Adriana Chechik |

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Adriana has been a bit lonely since she broke up with her boyfriend. She had a lot of good sex with him but there's something he never did that she's been craving for a while and that's anal sex. She's got the perfect opportunity to satisfy her desires. One day, when she's home alone with her brother's best friend, she asks him to come to her room. Tony enters her bedroom to see her laying on her bed half naked. Adriana's straightforward with her advances and tells him right away that she wants him to take her anal virginity. She wants him to be the first person to have anal sex with her. Tony, taken by surprise, is a bit reluctant because she's his best friend's sister. If you value your friendship, you don't want to get caught fucking around with your best friend's precious little sister. He wants to back off, but she's too insistent and grabs him by the arm pulling him on the bed. Before he can do anything, she flaunts her tight little asshole in his face, removes his pants and starts gagging on his dick, giving him the best, sloppiest blowjob he's ever had in his life. She then jumps on his dick until he's balls deep in her, feeling her anal cavity tightening around his big cock. Definitely, she's the sole contender for the award of the best anal fuck he's had in his life. Let's hope his best friend never finds out, or he'll be in deep trouble. Even deeper than his cock was buried in his sister's tight ass.